20 March 2007

Typical days...

As usual, not much is going on at our house, so I thought I'd entertain you all with an agenda of our day so far (this is actually a true timeline for today - none of this is exaggerated, but typical of most weekdays in our house):
05:45 First alarm goes off, I immediately silence it
06:00 Second alarm goes off
06:24 Finally drag myself out of bed, still very dark outside
06:25 Shower
06:30 Put Caleb in corner for not listening and continuing the play with my eyeglasses despite being told repeatedly to put them down
06:32 Get Caleb out of corner, go and get clothes for both kids
06:34 Come back into room to find Caleb now playing with Mike's eyeglasses, put back in corner
06:36 Get Caleb out of corner (again)
06:37 Get dressed (me)
06:41 Attempt to explain to Maddie that now is not the time for playing with her dolls; she insists that she must feed them breakfast before she can get dressed / brush her teeth
06:44 Try to dress Caleb, but we are out of diapers
06:45 Send Maddie downstairs to get last diaper in house out of diaper bag
06:46 Maddie comes back to say there are no diapers in diaper bag. Find one under bathroom sink.
06:47 Caleb is dressed
06:51 Maddie finally finishes dressing herself and brushing teeth (she has been awake since 6)
06:52 Brush both kids' hair
06:55 Head downstairs, give Caleb antibiotic
06:57 Realize have not brushed own hair. Bizarrely, brush is downstairs - no idea how it got there
06:58 Get kids shoes / coats on
07:00 Kids in car, buckled up
07:01 Realize forgot Caleb's cold medicine, run back inside to grab it
07:02 Realize forgot my lunch, run back inside to grab it. Forgot I ate it for dinner yesterday.
07:03 On the road. Try to find requested Veggie Tales Boogieman song
07:06 Have in-depth scientific discussion with Maddie about why the sun shines and what an "atom-smashing machine" is (courtesy of a "They Might Be Giants" song) .
07:13 Drop kids off at Rachel's
07:41 Arrive at work, make coffee
07:45 Work (very peaceful and quiet here) until 12:30
12:30 Lunchtime to run errands, but I forget about the diapers until I am back at work
13:30 Back from lunch, still working (it's 3:26 now). Take break to update blog.

So that's our day so far..... You get the picture! Mike fits in there too, but I updated you from my own perspective. Everything with us is good. Kids are happy, Mike and I are doing well. The weather here is getting better, it was sunny and semi-warm at lunch, very springlike!

More from us later!

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