30 March 2007

Long time no updates...

It's harder than I thought it would be to keep this deal updated!

Both the kids are recovering form various illnesses - Maddie has strep throat, and Caleb has had an ear infection, and a very fancy sounding virus (I can't spell or say the name) in the past week... The good news is that they are both on the mend! It's very unusual for so much illness to be happening at our house. We're always dealing with Caleb's ears, but that is usually about it (knock on wood).

Beyond all that, not much news. We have once again had an uneventful week. Lots of miscellaneous things going on, but nothing very noteworthy. Yesterday Mike cut down the remainder of the tree that fell on our house in February, and he's been doing some yardwork since the weather has been so nice. I have been getting ready for my Mom and Dad to come for Easter, and Mom will stay for all of next week while the kids' daycare is closed - thank you Mom! Maddie's very excited to wear her fancy Easter dress. She has been badgering me lately for a pet - we may get her a fish soon. That's about as pet friendly as our house will get.

Hopefully soon I will have something more exciting to write about!

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