27 July 2007

There should be a law....

Against working on Friday afternoons! Please Lord, let the weekend get here now. Only 33 minutes left in the day, yet it seems like an EEEETTTTEEEERRRNNNIIITTTYYY.....

Tonight, I am supposed to be meeting some of my extended family for dinner. At the Cheesecake Factory, no less. Yum yum. Unfortunately, on my healthy eating plan, I will not be partaking of the taste bud delights of the place. The plan is to eat something sensible. Healthy. Not cheesecake. :( However, am v. much looking forward to seeing some of my aunts and cousins, many of whom I have not seen in over 2 years. A good time should be had by all.

Now, all of you who know me well will be proud of me today. I was all set to buy a lovely new fall handbag this weekend - I've had it picked out for weeks now. But somehow, common sense has gotten the better of me and I've had a revelation that maybe this is not the most fiscally responsible thing I could be doing with that money. Especially since I have a number of nice bags already. So, no bag.

Beyond that, everything with us is good. I took some pictures of Maddie yesterday in her school uniform - I will try to post them here sometime this weekend. She looks too cute. Caleb is growing lke a weed and talking up a storm. We are all four looking forward to the weekend and some much needed time spent together and relaxing!

Wishes for a fab weekend to all of you! Relax, enjoy, read your new Harry Potter, and CALL me when you finish so we can discuss!

25 July 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know....

Wow - I had no idea it had been so long since I updated my bloggy thing. But no one complained about it, so maybe nobody reads it and I am wasting my time? Regardless, I enjoy it, so here we are - back again!

First of all answering the burning question of the day - YES, our fish are still alive!

Beyond that, we have been living life as normal. Work, kids, summer, bills, etc. It all adds up to make very busy days, and not much time for updating the computer.

Now, let's discuss Harry Potter. I bought the final book this past week and finished it on Sunday. Am dying to discuss with someone else who is as crazy as me, let me know if you have read it already! No worries, I won't post any spoilers for those of you who have not yet read your copy. And for the ones out there who don't read the series, go to Barnes and Noble right now and buy it! They are great books, destined to become classics.

Family news - Maddie is ready to start kindergarten in LESS THAN A MONTH. Caleb will have a hard time adjusting to day care without her I think - he's very attached to his sister. But it will be good for both of them to be apart during the day. Mike and I are just plugging along trying to enjoy every beautiful summer day with the kiddos. We are all very much looking forward to our upcoming trip to South Padre Island. September is not that far away!

That's it for now, updating from work on a break and must get back to the grind......