17 October 2007

Inquiring minds...

Answers to all your burning questions:

Yes, both our fish suffered untimely and traumatic deaths. One back in August, one in September. I have yet to replace them.

My tomato and basil plants grew like crazy and we enjoyed fresh tomatoes and basil all summer! I will plant them again next year and might even branch out and add a few new items.

A friend talked me into creating a my space page (yes, I know the high schoolers use it), but it's great as you can set your profile to private so no one but people you choose can see it. I've been able to reconnect with some old high school friends and other people I had lost touch with. I posted a great slide show of the kids on there - you can check it out by joining, and searching for me and then sending me a friend request. It is good, even for old foagies like me....


Since our last update we have been plugging along as normal. In September we went to South Padre Island for a week with my family, which was great! We really needed the vacation and the kids were excellent; we all had a great time. Maddie is enjoying kindergarten, although she informed me the other day that she did prefer it when she was able to play all day instead of having to pay attention and learn things. I told her she better get used to it - she has a lot of years of learning left! Both the kids are looking forward to Halloween. Maddie's going to be a cheerleader, and Caleb will be a spider. We hung up our Halloween ghost decorations over the weekend and went and got pumpkins at the pumpkin farm. Caleb is talking more and more and is completely day-time potty trained. We are on the home stretch of having no more diapers to deal with! Caleb has also decided to change his name - he prefers to be called Cobby. If you call him Caleb he will correct you. Mike and I are doing well.... Many of you have heard that I undertook an agressive weight-loss program this spring (no surgery involved), and people have been asking how that's going, so I have decided to give post the info! I recently wrapped up the intensive phase of it, and am now on a much more normal diet. I have lost 57 lbs to date. Although I have quite a few more to go, I already feel like a new person. I would like to lose 13 more by Christmas, which I think is pretty achievable. I will continue to set small goals until I reach the eventual far-off one! Mike has also lost some weight, so we are both pretty happy with our results. That's it for now, I will try to do better at updating more regularly. (I say that every time I post, don't I?)

29 August 2007


We got these taken on Saturday, I wanted to share them!

24 August 2007

Long time no updates.....

Everything here is good! Since our last post, the kids have spent a week in Michigan with my parents, Maddie has been to kindergarten orientation, and Caleb is pretty much daytime potty trained!

Maddie starts kindergarten next Wednesday. She's very excited, but is upset with me that she will not be riding the bus. (Our district cut busing last year when a levy failed.) Her uniforms are too cute. I will try to get a picture uploaded this weekend.

Nothing much else is going on, just figured I would get a quick post in before I go home for the day!

27 July 2007

There should be a law....

Against working on Friday afternoons! Please Lord, let the weekend get here now. Only 33 minutes left in the day, yet it seems like an EEEETTTTEEEERRRNNNIIITTTYYY.....

Tonight, I am supposed to be meeting some of my extended family for dinner. At the Cheesecake Factory, no less. Yum yum. Unfortunately, on my healthy eating plan, I will not be partaking of the taste bud delights of the place. The plan is to eat something sensible. Healthy. Not cheesecake. :( However, am v. much looking forward to seeing some of my aunts and cousins, many of whom I have not seen in over 2 years. A good time should be had by all.

Now, all of you who know me well will be proud of me today. I was all set to buy a lovely new fall handbag this weekend - I've had it picked out for weeks now. But somehow, common sense has gotten the better of me and I've had a revelation that maybe this is not the most fiscally responsible thing I could be doing with that money. Especially since I have a number of nice bags already. So, no bag.

Beyond that, everything with us is good. I took some pictures of Maddie yesterday in her school uniform - I will try to post them here sometime this weekend. She looks too cute. Caleb is growing lke a weed and talking up a storm. We are all four looking forward to the weekend and some much needed time spent together and relaxing!

Wishes for a fab weekend to all of you! Relax, enjoy, read your new Harry Potter, and CALL me when you finish so we can discuss!

25 July 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know....

Wow - I had no idea it had been so long since I updated my bloggy thing. But no one complained about it, so maybe nobody reads it and I am wasting my time? Regardless, I enjoy it, so here we are - back again!

First of all answering the burning question of the day - YES, our fish are still alive!

Beyond that, we have been living life as normal. Work, kids, summer, bills, etc. It all adds up to make very busy days, and not much time for updating the computer.

Now, let's discuss Harry Potter. I bought the final book this past week and finished it on Sunday. Am dying to discuss with someone else who is as crazy as me, let me know if you have read it already! No worries, I won't post any spoilers for those of you who have not yet read your copy. And for the ones out there who don't read the series, go to Barnes and Noble right now and buy it! They are great books, destined to become classics.

Family news - Maddie is ready to start kindergarten in LESS THAN A MONTH. Caleb will have a hard time adjusting to day care without her I think - he's very attached to his sister. But it will be good for both of them to be apart during the day. Mike and I are just plugging along trying to enjoy every beautiful summer day with the kiddos. We are all very much looking forward to our upcoming trip to South Padre Island. September is not that far away!

That's it for now, updating from work on a break and must get back to the grind......

05 June 2007

Nothing and lots going on.....

Well as usual, we are boring. But I haven't updated this deal in a couple weeks, so surely I can think of some new things to share.

The kids had their birthday party a couple weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who came! The weather was great, and our good friends John and Kim brought their bouncy castle for all the kids to play in. Everyone (I think) had a great time. We didn't do anything too fancy, just let all the kids run around and have fun.

We got them each a goldfish for their birthday. Their names are Socrates and Nemo. Mike named Socrates for Caleb, since his talking / naming ability is limited. So far they are not dead, which is great news. I did not make a big investment (I think they cost .15 each), but don't want to have to console a traumatized child if (when) they do kick the bucket. So long live the cheap goldfish! They live in a bowl, but I'm having to clean it at least every other day as the water gets so stinky and cloudy so we may have to upgrade to a small tank.

Maddie had her cheerleading show on Sunday. It was very cute. The kids did a great job. Mike's dad got her flowers, and we took her out to a very fancy dinner (eating AT McDonald's) afterward, so she felt very special. We are switching her into a different program (a little smaller, more individual attention), so she starts back up with the cheer in a couple weeks. I asked her if she'd like to switch and do tumbling, gymnastics, or dance, and she informed me that she only wants to cheer! So we are sticking with the cheer. I like it, though. It incorporates a lot of great skills including tumbling, coordination, teamwork, etc. They already have them building little 5 year old pyramids!

We have been busy with work (as always) as well as with home. I've planted some tomato plants and basil, and am anxious to see if I can make them grow. Many of you know I tend to kill all live plants in my care, so this might be a bit of an ambitious undertaking but I am optimistic that this time will be a success! We planted them on Sunday. I'm not 100% sold on this gardening deal, not a big fan of getting all dirty. But I am excited for the delicious tomatoes and basil!