16 April 2007

Nothing to say....

Well it has been some time since I have updated our blog, and that's because nothing is going on! I'm sure everyone who reads this is tired of me saying that, but it's true. We are boring.

We had a great week last week with my mom, who came to stay with the kids while the daycare was closed. She went home on Saturday. We are hoping for some nicer weather this week, and already looking forward to the upcoming weekend (yes, I am aware it is only Monday).

We have Caleb scheduled for his surgery on Friday morning - his third set of ear tubes, and his aednoids out, which will hopefully help to resolve some of his ear issues. The whole deal should take less than 1/2 hour, but it's always a little traumatic when they have to put him to sleep. As problems go, this is minor, but I will be glad when we can stop doing this every 6-9 months, if he ever grows out of it.

That's it! Seriously, nothing is happening. More from us as news happens, which is rare these days....

09 April 2007

Thanks a lot!

Well since none of you came through with a good reason for me not to get my tooth fixed this morning, there I was at 7am, having a needle inserted into my gum. It really wasn't that bad, but now where they put the filling, it feels weird. The good news is that it is done!

Beyond that, life is plugging along as usual. Did anyone else find today tough? It seems like after a holiday it always takes a couple of days to get on track and back in the routine.... I am very happy it is almost time for me to go home for the day!

More from us later in the week!

08 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!

We've had a great weekend, and a great Easter (so far). This weekend we spent with my family - Mom and Dad from Texas, and Joe too. Matt did not come down, he's in Muskegon for the holiday. Dad just left to head back to TX, and Mom is staying for the week to watch the kids. We have played lots of cards, been to Dayton for a visit with the great-grandparents, and just had a really nice relaxing weekend. The kids had a great time finding their baskets from the Easter Bunny this morning, and the bunny very kindly went easy on the candy. They got lots of books, a few new toys, and the cutest stuffed Peeps. We opted to leave Caleb at home with Mike while the rest of us went to church (a very smart idea). Maddie did okay in church, but she could have been better. I can't complain, for a 4-year old she was okay. She is used to being in Sunday school during church, so keeping quiet for an hour is challenging for her.

I've to go to the dentist tomorrow at SEVEN in the MORNING to get a cavity filled. I keep trying to think of excuses to get out of it, but nothing good has come to mind yet - any help?

03 April 2007


It was only a matter of time... Caleb finally broke my eyeglasses (see previous post where he was repeatedly getting into trouble for playing with them). Our insurance won't pay for new ones yet, and I desperately need them. So it's out of pocket for me! Ah, the joys of nearly 2 year old boys.... I was ready for new frames anyway, but the lenses are where they get you!