21 March 2007

No focus....

It's a BEAUTIFUL day!

All the focus and efficiency I had this morning are now gone for the day. I made the mistake of going outside at lunchtime, and it is 70 degrees and sunny! Not good for a girl needing to go back to her windowless office for the afternoon. But I got smart, and requested Friday off, as I have a few days to use up before my work anniversary and my vacation re-sets. Now I am waiting for a conference call to start - it will no doubt be someone reading a power point presentation verbatim. Very engaging. But someone, somewhere, has decided that this is a good method of training new programs, so I get to listen.

I am happy today because I got a new lip gloss / chapstick that is very nice. I ran out of my old favorite one, so had to get a new one. And I am happy to report that I like it better - it's minty! (It does not take a lot to make my day.) Also, this morning I was able to wrap up a number of personal and work things that have been lingering and waiting for me to finish them. So, all in all, it's a good day. We should have some time to play outside tonight with the kids, and I know they will have been out all day at Rachel's enjoying the weather, and playing with all the other kids.

Life is good.

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Anna said...

YAY for good days!!