07 May 2007

Long time no updates...

Clearly, I am a slacker of the highest degree if you go by the date of my last posting. My excuse should be that we have been so busy. But if that were the case, I would have lots of news to post on here, and you will soon see that we are boring as ever. It seems my natural procrastination tendencies have once again gotten the best of me for the past few weeks. But never fear! I am back now with all the exciting news of us!

Maddie has been busy with her cheerleading class. I had to take her yesterday for a "costume rehearsal" which is where I got her dressed up with the costume, hair, and makeup (yes, real makeup - including eyeliner on my 4 year old), and we went to the dance place for her class photo. The hair and makeup took me about an hour. I am including a photo of her. She looks about 18. Mike has been having a fit over the makeup, as Dads are prone to do. But she only has to wear it now for the dress rehearsal, and then for the actual show. Being that I'm not really into makeup myself, I was glad for the opportunity to practice putting it on her yesterday. The eyeliner was the hardest bit. I must say, I'm quite pleased with myself.

Caleb has been busy beating up his sister and yelling at everyone. He stamps his foot, points at you, and shouts "NO" when he doesn't like what you have to say. His favorite word is now "mine." Other new words include touchdown, football (can you sense a theme?), cold, car, and home. We're working on who-dey, but he has yet to say that one. And he still won't say Maddie, just calls her Sissy. His favorite thing to do is to play outside, so every time we get in or out of the car he has a fit, as he thinks we're going to stay and play in the driveway.

Mike's mom is doing well (for those of you who do not know, she had a stroke last week, and a surgery following that). Luckily, it seems that as strokes go, it was a relatively minor one. She's home now, and recovering many of her motor skills. The long-term outlook for her is very good. Prayers would still be appreciated!

Other news, I just had my 10 year anniversary at Enterprise - how crazy is that? I can't quite believe it's been that long.

That's it for now!

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Anna said...

Congrats on 10 years! That is wonderful. Hope Mike's mom continues to improve. And Maddie looks precious!