09 May 2007


Tonight we went to a bone marrow donor registry drive for the daughter of my former co-worker, Hannah. Most of you know her story, if not see previous posts. Anyway, Mike and I were all set to get in the National registry. It's an easy process - just fill out a form, and let them swab your cheek. I had no problems with this, but apparently Mike can't be a donor because of previous back problems! Who knew? Loads of people have back pain, I think it's interesting that they can't be donors. Apparently it has something to do with possibly making it worse if he were to donate marrow.

On Saturday we are doing a fund-raising walk with Hannah's team for the Cancer Free Kids charity. They are having an event for the whole family - face painting, clowns, pony rides, etc. It should be a great time, and for a good cause as well!

Everything else with us is good, no more news! More soon!

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