05 June 2007

Nothing and lots going on.....

Well as usual, we are boring. But I haven't updated this deal in a couple weeks, so surely I can think of some new things to share.

The kids had their birthday party a couple weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who came! The weather was great, and our good friends John and Kim brought their bouncy castle for all the kids to play in. Everyone (I think) had a great time. We didn't do anything too fancy, just let all the kids run around and have fun.

We got them each a goldfish for their birthday. Their names are Socrates and Nemo. Mike named Socrates for Caleb, since his talking / naming ability is limited. So far they are not dead, which is great news. I did not make a big investment (I think they cost .15 each), but don't want to have to console a traumatized child if (when) they do kick the bucket. So long live the cheap goldfish! They live in a bowl, but I'm having to clean it at least every other day as the water gets so stinky and cloudy so we may have to upgrade to a small tank.

Maddie had her cheerleading show on Sunday. It was very cute. The kids did a great job. Mike's dad got her flowers, and we took her out to a very fancy dinner (eating AT McDonald's) afterward, so she felt very special. We are switching her into a different program (a little smaller, more individual attention), so she starts back up with the cheer in a couple weeks. I asked her if she'd like to switch and do tumbling, gymnastics, or dance, and she informed me that she only wants to cheer! So we are sticking with the cheer. I like it, though. It incorporates a lot of great skills including tumbling, coordination, teamwork, etc. They already have them building little 5 year old pyramids!

We have been busy with work (as always) as well as with home. I've planted some tomato plants and basil, and am anxious to see if I can make them grow. Many of you know I tend to kill all live plants in my care, so this might be a bit of an ambitious undertaking but I am optimistic that this time will be a success! We planted them on Sunday. I'm not 100% sold on this gardening deal, not a big fan of getting all dirty. But I am excited for the delicious tomatoes and basil!

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