17 October 2007

Inquiring minds...

Answers to all your burning questions:

Yes, both our fish suffered untimely and traumatic deaths. One back in August, one in September. I have yet to replace them.

My tomato and basil plants grew like crazy and we enjoyed fresh tomatoes and basil all summer! I will plant them again next year and might even branch out and add a few new items.

A friend talked me into creating a my space page (yes, I know the high schoolers use it), but it's great as you can set your profile to private so no one but people you choose can see it. I've been able to reconnect with some old high school friends and other people I had lost touch with. I posted a great slide show of the kids on there - you can check it out by joining, and searching for me and then sending me a friend request. It is good, even for old foagies like me....

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